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Introducing BioEdge from Shyamavision: A Face Recognition-based Android App Solution. BioEdge makes attendance management a breeze, with cloud syncing and location tracking features.

How BioEdge Works

BioEdge uses the latest AI-based facial recognition technology to automatically log employee attendance. The app syncs with the cloud, so attendance records can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The camera on the Android device is used to capture the live image of an individual and match it against the enrolled users. An unknown user can be enrolled in the application. The download of enrolment data on device can be restricted by location configured in the application. Every Android device on which the application runs is registered and tracked in the cloud. Time in, time out, image frame and location coordinates can be validated in the application.

Benefits of BioEdge

No additional hardware cost or installation overhead. The face detection and recognition algorithms run on the edge device without network connectivity to a server. It is much faster and more accurate than traditional methods. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of fraud or errors caused by human error. Another benefit is that it can be used in various settings, from small classrooms to remote offices. Our face recognition-based time and attendance solutions provide a seamless and efficient way to manage employee attendance. With our Android application, you can easily track attendance, capture location coordinates, and verify attendance with our validation list.

Security and Privacy

BioEdge uses advanced security measures to protect employee data and prevent unauthorized access. The login to the application is based on token authentication. Employee photos are not stored in any form and only the feature vectors required for face recognition are stored securely.

Why Choose Shyamavision?

At Shyamavision, we are dedicated to providing reliable and user-friendly time and attendance solutions. Our face recognition technology ensures a reliable, efficient, and secure solution to managing employee attendance. It saves time, reduces errors, and increases productivity. Revolutionize your company's attendance management today with our innovative app-based solution BioEdge.

About Shyamavision

At Shyamavision, we are dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions based on AI and Computer Vision. Our focus on face recognition technology and video analytics sets us apart from the competition.

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